DRT Inc Boonie Rain Hat

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AC Rain Boonie



Adopted TORAY breathable material Blizatec

When the water pressure resistance is 10000 mm and the hard shell hood is troublesome

Double waterproofing is possible in combination with the hood.

Isn't it enough to wear a hood? I made it while thinking

When you actually use it, this boonie comes in handy when it rains.

 As it is a breathable material, it can be used even if it is not raining all season




Do not let the hat fly when the wind is strong or when the boat is moving at high speed.

Can be fixed with a chin strap (Hawaiian hook equipment)



Equipped with back flap to prevent UV cut sunburn from the back of the head to the neck

This is a zipper removable, but

When it is troublesome to remove it, it is also an ant to put it inside and wear it as it is.


In addition, the size can be adjusted because it has a Velcro adjuster inside.

It fits even small heads and women.







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