logowhtbg.jpgA Japanese fishing tackle company known for creating quality, innovative products, DRT is finally making their debut in the United States with the help of DRT USA. DRT plans to make a splash with their initial US release of the Klash Swimbait a glide style bait that possesses a removable lip section allowing anglers to fish the bait in a number of different ways from top to bottom, waked, cranked, swam or twitched. DRT is known in Japan for their highly technical engineering displayed in everything they do from their custom rods to the Klash Swimbait and even soft plastic worms. Their pursuit of perfection has established them as one of the up and coming brands in the Japanese bass fishing world and created unparalleled anticipation for their lures here in the United States.

DRT USA has worked closely with DRT Japan to create color patterns for the US market and will continue to pursue new opportunities to bring their engineering masterpieces to our customers who appreciate quality lures and intricate hand painted finishes.

DRT USA Products