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DRT Varial Reel Handle 87mm Black

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DRT Varial Reel Handle

Designed for hardcore bass fishermen and tackle enthusiasts alike, the DRT Varial Reel Handle is an aftermarket casting reel handle engineered to offer anglers the highest level of performance. We can't think of any other reel accessory that's generated this much interest, in fact, we can't think of many products in general that have produced the anticipation within the world of tackle junkies. Early indications suggest the hype is real.

DRT's Varial Reel Handle is constructed from a A7075 Duraluminum, also known as Duralumin, an aluminum copper alloy that has past applications in aircraft and machinery, both utilizing the material due to it's rigidity, strength and light weight. The Varial is shaved from a single piece of metal using CNC machining resulting in clean, consistent production. The DRT Varial Reel Handle feels extremely rigid and sensitive which is hard to achieve when you talk about reducing weight in reels.

Like many of DRT's creations, the Varial Handle is not without some additional complexities. It does include washers and an allen wrench, however in order to install, you will need to purchase the corresponding DRT Varial Handle nut or bolt (only one of the two - check info below) and make sure to get the model with the correct orientation - ie Left or Right Hand. Furthermore, we truly do not know of all the reels this handle will fit with. We know that sounds crazy, but the designers at DRT are still finding it out as they go. Accordingly, we have done our very best to list the models that it does fit below. Please make your purchase with that knowledge.

We offer the DRT Varial Reel Handle in the following sizes: 87mm, 95mm, 100mm, 110mm, 117mm and 150mm . 

Applicable Reel Models

Daiwa Bolt Models

These reels can be used by purchasing the DRT B1 Black Bolt (no LH or RH differentiation).

  • Zillion
  • Steez
  • Ryoga
  • Daiwa Z


Daiwa/Abu/Shimano Nut Models

These reels can be used by purchasing the DRT Abu/DaiwaShimano Nut.

  • Abu Garcia
  • Daiwa reels with nut
  • Pflueger
  • Shimano Conquest 300, 400
  • Simano Tranx 300,400
  • Shimano Curado 300
  • Pluton
  • Ryoga 1520 CC


Shimano Nut Models

These reels can be used by purchasing the DRT Shimano Nut.

  • Antares
  • Bantam
  • Metanium
  • Calcutta Conquest 200
  • Cardiff 400
  • Calcutta B Series
  • Calcutta TE 200 
  • Corvalus 400
  • Curado 200
  • Citica
  • Chronarch

100% will not work on Calcutta D or Revo Toro Beast


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