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DRT Klash 9 Tail
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Division Rebel Tackles Klash Tails

The DRT Klash Tails are extra or spare tails for the original 9" Division Rebel Tackles Klash Swimbait. Available in four colors: Black, Blue Metal, Pink Metal and Silver Metal. Tails fit only the 9" version and come 1 per pack.

About the DRT Klash Tail

The Klash Tail is another crucial element in lure's action and was perhaps even more painstakingly researched and tested than the lip itself. There's a expression from Latin that says, "The smallest things are the most important" - and we feel that is very accurate when describing the Klash as a whole and specifically when explaining how the the tail works. The easy part to understand is that the tail is a dense, durable plastic that fits in the bait securely and will remain in tact throughout it's life span under normal use. What may be a bit more difficult to explain is the change in action the tail's orientation causes. Division Rebel Tackles distinguishes them as Mode A and Mode B - Mode A features an upturned tail whereas Mode B has the tail turned down. While this may appear insignificant, it actually changes the way the bait moves through the water drastically; think of it like a rudder behind a boat. Below is a graphic showing the action of the bait when each tail mode is applied.


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