DRT - Replaceable Lips 2pk

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Klash Lips 2pkKlash Lips 2pk
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DRT - Klash Lips 2pk

The DRT Klash Lips are two pack of bills or lips that provide the user with either a spare for broken/lost originals or for use to create custom actions with the different lengths and widths. All DRT Klash Swimbaits include the lip, but many users like having spares for "modifying" or otherwise in case of loss/damage. Available in four different lip options. Check the list below for more information.

Original Spare Lips:

  • Original Klash 9" Lip - standard replacement lip - 2 per pack
  • Tiny Klash Lip - standard replacement lip - 2 per pack

Custom/Mod Lips:

  • Tiny Klash Lip Short - subsurface minnow action slow or high speed - 2 per pack
  • Tiny Klash Lip Wide - bottom cranking up to 10ft - or insert backwards for "surface hi pitch waking action" - 2 per pack


About the DRT Klash Lip

lip1.jpgThe Division Rebel Tackles Klash Lip is an important piece of the lure's engineering. Constructed out of ABS Plastic and designed with a keel on the underside, the Klash lip is removable allowing the bait to display different actions based on the users preference. We know what you are thinking when you hear the lip is removable... it's a gimmick or it lacks in quality. It's a genuine concern that we only had eased by real life testing both in the water and through rigorous strain tests. The lip can be bent and flexed over and over without any damage occurring and it easily sliding back in or out of the bait. Obviously, the material is subject to the laws of physics so if you impart blunt force on it from a direct hit to rocks or run it over with your car, it is going to result in damage, but from regular use it's essentially indestructible. The lip snaps into place with concentrated, yet gentle force and snaps out much the same way. Because of the manner in which the clasp was designed, the lip can be removed or added as many times as you wish without damage.


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