DRT 8 Ball Jig 1 oz

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At first glance it looks normal.


The position of the line tie enables the head to fall at a high-speed, and also increases resistance when lifting.

It plays a role as a flattening lip, positoned at the top of the head.

The flat part on the bottom of the head prevents the jig from rolling over sideways.


These cuts improve the rate of fall speed by cutting the top and bottom of the head,

and also increases cover penetration! 


 Once it falls it will pierce the lake bottom,

and at the time of dragging, the top lip of the head, bleow the line tie plays a role like a scoop!

This makes it easy to roll the sand up off the bottom of the lake and make a smoke curtain!

Lake flows, and places with strong current etc. are also difficult to target but,

 with the eye position it keeps it's action on the spot.

It's also a head that will not rise at any speed,

and keeps a constant range on the boat, even with a high speed pattern in shallow water.


The balance is centered while hanging.

The skirt and trailer reacts even with the slightest movement of the rod and with our adopted wire keeper.

We concentrated the weight of the head part at one point to the front side.

More water is pushed upward during the lift and is much stronger than the conventional football jig.

The feel of resistance while pulling is great enough to think that it is strong!!!


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